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This should be self-evident by finding all the attachment bolts around the entire assembly and removing them in an orderly safe fashion . Start by removing the hood ! Most bolts will be where the fenders attach. There should also be 2 or so large bolts or nuts  that hold the bottom of shell and radiator support frame assembly to the front crossmember ,you should see these from underneath .

Removing the front fenders first makes it easer from the start.

Some have removed the front fenders and grill assembly still bolted together as a whole clip unit. Help in lifting off the car is recommended .





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If you do not see any external to the lamp wiring disconnect by tracing the harness up to the radiator shell and lamp mounts , there probably is not..Unbolt the lamp and see if it is hidden in the mounting to the lamp base .But I recall you may have to disconnect the wiring inside the headlamp..

It is a Depress Beam lamp..and you will have to remove the lamp lens to get internal access to the bulbs ,reflector and sockets..  Or cut the harness clean where you like and install your own connectors.. It's been done before.There will be 3 wires to each light..



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Just saw this thread.....I'm hoping someone has an idea of how the rad support and fender supports bolt together to the frame, maybe a diagram? I'm building a 35 desoto (airstream) sedan and I'm to the point I need to figure out the core support.  I have most of the parts just can't figure out how they go together... any help would be appreciated 

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