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WTB Studebaker President Shocks

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WTB - I’m in need of a pair of Front Shock Absorbers for a 1928 Studebaker President.

I believe that I currently have the incorrect parts on my car.

Located in Australia, Can anyone help.


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There are reprints of the parts catalog and service manual for the 1928-1928.5 President 8 models.  I don't have those, but Faxon Auto Literature sells them. 


They should tell you what brand of shock was used and maybe a part number with an illustration.  My 1925-1928.5 parts catalog for the Big 6  and smaller 6-cylinder cars shows the shocks and snubbers.  It lists the brackets and parts to mount the snubbers, but not the snubbers themselves, refers the reader to ordering them direct from Monroe or Watson for the Big 6.  The EW, GB, and GH cars used Monroe or Lovejoy shocks.  The 1929 FE and FH cars used Houdaille shocks, but the chassis had changed for 1929.

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