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1983 Buick Riviera


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4 hours ago, cokeman said:

Need 6 way drivers seat transmission for my 1983 Buick riviera contact at ssimpson6@charter.net


Do you really need the transmission? The most common failure mode in these power seats is the plastic coupler between the motor and the transmission. The problem is that the D-shaped hole that fits over the shaft rounds out inside. New ones are available everywhere, since these were used on just about every GM power seat in the 1980s. I've had to replace these in several of my cars.



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17 hours ago, deaddds said:

Joes right. If you hear the motor turning thats good. Stick your head under the seat and hit the switch. You'll see the motor spinning and where that coupling is supposed to be.


I'll note that in both times this happened on my cars, the coupler was in place and looked just fine. The problem was that the small D-shaped hole in the coupler that fits over the motor shaft had rounded out, so the shaft just spun inside the coupler. You can't see this until you take it apart.

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