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Battery Detailing KIts


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For those of you who would like a low cost way to get the appearance of an OEM car battery I came across a supplier of detailing kits that let you "disguise" a modern replacement battery to achieve a more correct look. The kits come with 3-D printed plastic caps, high quality labels and even an authentically reproduced copy of the original battery warranty card. There are kits available for GM, Ford, Mopar and other battery brands. The picture below shows the kit as applied to a standard NAPA battery in a 1967 Cadillac.  It is very simple to remove the existing rectangular vent caps and install the fully functional individual caps. The replacement caps fit 3/4" diameter holes , the same size as most new batteries. If necessary, the vendor can supply adapter rings.

The supplier or these kits is WESKCAR.com located in Belgium. The full kits are about $23.00 plus $1.20 postage.


Link to Weskcar ebay store:





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