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1932 Nash 970 brake drums wanted


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This is Dale out in Montana I have a 32 Nash frame w rear end and front end under it,Iam purdy sure it would have the drums / hubs you need, but it would be up to you to pull them and check them over. Iam eastern central Mt.  dale.tharp@gmail.com/ 620 332 49three two

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So we were good friends with Mike and Rosalie. I even got to drive that car trying to go on a tour. It acted like the thermostat froze in the shut position and it overheated. Mike and I had just put regular pump gas in it thinking we were going on a fairly lengthy tour and would burn most of it out. He had the big 31 Willies that was his favorite at the time and he loaned my wife and I the Nash. That was about 7, or 8 years ago before he passed away. We always meant to get both of those taken care of. The black and red color scheme on that car was his favorite.


Not sure if you ever had a chance to come out West to Mikes shops but he had a lot of Nash parts. There were 3 large building with about 50 years of collecting many marques. There was an estate sale after Rosalie passed away. The fellow (Dave Charvet) who had charge of selling the cars could care less about the parts to support Mikes collection. About 3 days before the house estate sale the separate seller (Hendrick Sharples) the executors chose finally got permission to sell the parts. If there was a particular service manual, or unique part for a car I would put it in that car. Dave, and or Hendrick would pull them out. Not sure what if anything you got with the car but after the sale there was one other fellow who got involved. A fellow PRG HCCA member got permission to clean out the rest of the parts. There was still a lot of big Nash parts since they are an uncommon car. Mike was really big on owning one off and rare cars. Most people never are allowed to touch or even see many of these cars, and I actually got to work on them and see how they worked. I just wish I had a few more years with him as there is so much more to learn.


I will ask if I can give out the number of the fellow who cleaned out the buildings. If so be patient. He is still working a day job, has kids, a family, and many irons in the fire. Many of the parts were thrown into totes to be transported down to a shop in Oregon City. Some were packed carefully but others - there just wasn't time. Many of the early parts Mike collected were not marked, but the later ones were often marked with a paint pen. I reminded him it would be helpful.


I am in Arizona right now slated to go back to Vancouver WA April 14th. 


I just got got permission to give you his number. Pacific time zone is applicable. Be patient he has a regular job, kids, family and has a lot going on. He just mentioned he really needs to get rid of some of the stuff he cleared out. Send me a PM.



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