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Rear end casting date 4/25/27


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I have a rear end that came with a chevy i bought...none of the numbers jive with chevy parts books.  Perhaps it is a pontiac.  It has a torque tube. Did early oakland/pontiacs also use a torque tube?  If not then I'm on the wrong forum to get me started...TBlack

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Pontiacs had torque tube setups from their start in 1926 through 1928.  They went to Hotchkiss drive in 1929 with the Series 6-29 cars.  


The early torque tube carrier and torque tube was part number 342495 for '26-'28

There was one with a different gear ration than standard in 1928 that had part number 526562


Those numbers should be stamped someplace on the casting, I believe.


Hope this helps.  As Mr. Kornkurt says, photos might be helpful.


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