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  1. The John Wolfe Co in Ohio 440-942-0083 ::JOHN WOLF and CO.INC :: Willoughby, restoration of speedometer, tachometer, Automobiles ,Aircraft ,Boats ,Custom Instrumentation Gas Tank Sending Units, Mechanical Temperature Gauges (antiqueinstrument.com) does a good job on rebuilding sending units. They have done sending units for two of my cars. Give them a call.
  2. Yes, it is a 2 barrel carb, but the manifold would not come with a crate engine. I'll bet it is a 1953 or 1954 engine out of a car. Those were the only 2 barrel carb 6 cylinder models. Like I said before, if it runs good be glad you have it.
  3. It is a Pontiac engine. Chevrolet never made flathead engines like that. If it was indeed a crate engine, it will be hard to determine exactly what year it was built. Did you check your owner's manual about filling the radiator?
  4. There were no 6 cylinder engines made in 1933. Also, any Pontiac engines 1938 and older had an Indianhead cast in the side of the block. The part number starting with 512 like is on the head started in the 1950 area. There are other clues such as the dip stick and oil filler pipe that are obviously much newer. I'm guessing it is a replacement engine made in the early 50's. If it runs good, be glad you have it. Your radiator problem is probably caused by over filling. You are only supposed to fill to the petcock level on the side of the radiator. Check you owner's manual for filling instructions.
  5. Hi Andy, Glad you got it loose. Be sure to get the manifold planed if it is not straight. KK
  6. You need to mark the nut and pinion shaft so that when you put it back you do not get it too tight and change the preload on the bearing. I have a NOS, genuine GM pinion seal @ $40 & $8.45 postage. Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  7. In 1937-38 the 8 cylinder fenders and 6 cylinder fenders are different. I would suggest you make sure which these are before someone drives a long way to find out they do not fit his car. Measurements would be a good start.
  8. You need to talk to Andy Wise 302-245-7276 He will be able to answer your questions and fix your clutch. Also, there is an Oakland Club with lots of info available. Call Steve Cook 636-458-6729 Good luck!
  9. Got the return today diaphragm today, thanks! If your wipers don't work very well with a wet windshield, the wiper needs to be rebuilt. I would tell most people to send the wiper motor off to be rebuilt, but seeing what you have done on your car, I'm sure you can do it yourself if you can find a rebuild kit. Let me know if you can't find one and I'll see what I can find.
  10. Good, that makes up for the first package taking longer than it was supposed to. KK
  11. Best bet would to buy a Pontiac Master Parts Book covering this time frame and then you would be able to look up whatever you were wondering about.
  12. Phil, I sent you the other style diaphragm today. Tracking number: 9405503699300342320766 Good luck! KK
  13. Is everything correct except the stem on the vacuum diaphragm? If so, let me know and I will send you the other style one? KK
  14. Once in awhile the type of shaft you have shows up, usually in a 1955-57 pump. I have the diaphragm with your style shaft. Is that the only difference? If so, let me know and I will send you the other style tomorrow. It is hard to see if there is a size difference in your picture KK
  15. I just checked the tracking number as I was wondering if you got the kit yet. Be sure to check out the Early Times Chapter application I sent you. Thanks for buying. KK
  16. That's fine, if I don't answer, leave a message and I'll call you back. I will ask you if your pump has a metal or glass bottom piece. Thanks! Kurt
  17. Yes, I have the kits, recently manufactured compatible with today's gas. $74.50 & $8.50 postage. Give me a call 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  18. Good place to get plug wires: The Brillman Company 2328 Pepper Rd Mt Jackson, Va 22842 540-477-4112 Good quality electrical parts and he owns a 1951 Pontiac.
  19. Drop down to the December posts on this page and read about my 1934 Pontiac.
  20. I'll probably get in trouble with my POCI and Early Times Chapter friends, but this car should be made into a street-rod. If you try to restore this car to original showroom condition, you will have about 3-4 times as much invested as the car will be worth. Fire away with your thoughts.
  21. If you need one of those shields, I have a nice used one for $25. Kurt 641-648-9086
  22. Yes they did. Any casting numbers? How many lug bolts? How about some pictures?
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