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  1. I sold Big Blue to my Neighbor 7 years ago He took it to Florida and his Neighbor bought it then this Spring I heard it went to Australia.. That car sees the world as I bought it from a family in Colorado. Like to keep track of it. I never should have sold it...T Black
  2. PA Mike ...I though I saw you were new to a 1923 model 36 which is a 4 cylinder..these parts are for the 6 cylinder
  3. The Buick parts are still available. apparently the person who spoke for them is not now interested. Anyway I found a new home for the 26 chevy. The parts are my neighbors if you wish to speak directly with him I'll put you in touch. Iam available to lift parts into your truck
  4. Sold to the guy with a banjo in one hand and cash in the other....good deal for us both
  5. Larry not 100% sure on the drums I'll measure them I think they were from the heavier rear end as was on the 1923 model 49...but you might note there is a complete 268 starter generator there with the distributor that i thinks fits your master....... You might want to walk on the far side with this little 1926 chevy car turned truck...i always need the room...tom
  6. Some pictures of the stuff....One of the starter generators is a "249" for a 1923 the other is a "268" for a 1924 /25 master Buick...it has its cover and a distributor
  7. Yes...same neighbor....I saw Big Blue sold this spring no upgrades ...for $26000......my neighbor tried to buy it back but lost the bid....hence he has no need for the parts without the prospect of getting the car back. Everyone that has owned it wishes they had it back. But as usual I'm out of space....
  8. 1932 rebatted rods standard size. $150 plus postage for all 7. $30 plus postage for just 1. I sold my 1932 pick up so I will never need these.
  9. Another guy came yesterday bought it with $100 down with balance on car pickup. He brought the parts home and was coming for the car today. He came back today with the all parts and said his wife said no. I gave him his $100 back. I tweaked the timing and brakes and drove it about a mile on our private road today the engine ran strong...fun little project for somebody. ps if you decide it is for you clear this big expense with your significant other first. The car comes all the unused/installed sedan parts with its original 26 engine block( Engine # is also the vin# for the vehicle) and another 28 block and head. Their is 1928 radiator and shroud. Also a 1928 transmission and u joint Comes with a useable pressure plate and a set of 4 disk wheels and rims that i think are for a 29 or 30 chevrolet. If I keep on tweaking it I will have to keep it and put it on the road...but at this point I prefer selling it for the space
  10. At my neighbors house in Northville NY 12134
  11. A guy came to look at this fun little vehicle and left with my 32 pickup...Even though that freed up a little space I would still like to thin the herd of 4 cylinders. Give me a call we will talk.
  12. I bought this parts car to go with my other 1926 Truck. I eventual cut down the car turned the parts car into a running farmers truck. It Runs Starts Stops ...lights all work and the horn works needs roof refininishing and glass. The windshield is fine and it does crank up and down. Truck comes with all the parts that were part of the sedan, also the engine in the truck is a 1928. I have the 1928 radiator and it will go with the truck $2000 takes it all...I need the garage space. As was and as is photos attached
  13. My Neighbor wants to sell his 1923 Buick engine and all other Buick parts he has. Aside from the engine I saw 2 starter generators missing covers an extra cam, brake parts 2 axles with hubs. And several buckets of smalls. The engine is free but missing a couple of valve cages. He wants $250 for everything, but you have to come and pick up the stuff. If anyone is interested I'll go take pictures.
  14. I return this engine to my neighbors garage so its out of my garage!!
  15. Brian ...good talking to you on the phone...hopefully the lead I gave you to my former 21/22 parts cache is good for your buddy. Since you were looking 21/22 you might want to reconsider on the 23...its yours if you want it but if not we will offer it again TBlack
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