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  1. It would be a long search to find one better than this one.
  2. I bought this car totally restored a couple of years ago. It is a beauty...far too nice for me. I have my eye on another car but this one would have to go in order to buy that. Keep the economy going. PS my pouch pictured in the car stays with me. $26500
  3. It snowed on Monday...just flurries though.
  4. Gerry missed you at breakfast last thursday I drove the 17 Buick up to Edinburg to give you a ride. Cold ride on a 40F morning!!! I sold it yesterday so there is still a market. I can attest that Gerry uses this car as a daily driver when not wintering in Carolina. Gerry's original intention was to pop a 454 in it but the 320 ran so strong there was no need to do that. "Hot Rodder" found respect for the big straight 8 Hope to see you next week at breakfast
  5. SOLD to the young man from Cazenovia NY....nice to see interest exists in the younger generation. Now I got the time and room for next winters project.
  6. sold to the young man from Cazenovia NY. Real happy the car is going to the younger generation. Nice talking on the phone to the other interested parties. Now I'll have to find a project for next winter!!
  7. yes good driver 125 miles since back to life. Location Northville NY 12134. More pictures. Was a Glidden tour regular from 1953 to 1967. Undriven from 1976 til now
  8. Members 77 361 posts Report post Posted April 29 Bringing this over from Buicks Forsale to a larger audience...more info provided Time to find next years project so I'll start early selling this years. The Buick is back to life runs pretty good(Experimenting with hotter plugs this week). The car was owned by George D Smith, the chairman of UPS from 1962 til his death in the early 1970's. He toured with it on many Glidden Tours from 1953 through 1967. The Medallion Board comes with the car. Car has a complete top but it is in poor condition, patched in 10+ places...side curtains are in good shape. Tires seem to be just fine. Original interior is functional, the car was repainted in the 50's but looks OK. Ive driven it 50+ miles over the last few weeks. The gas tank was relined last fall. Price $9250 firm ......condition better than #4 but not a #3
  9. Larry not at that price but might make a nice addition and long project to go with your 1937 41 sedan. I fear though that body will be of great interest to the hot rodders!!
  10. Yes we are having fun...Ive pushed the mileage to 125 miles now and all is running good. Starting early on selling as when fall gets here I'm out of room for any other project that might come along. A project keeps me busy, and busy keeps us all alive!!!
  11. I pulled a plug on Cylinder#3. Cylinder # 3 had fouled the original new autolite 3076 to the point of not firing in 40 miles. I put in a new Autolite 3076 in and what is pictured is it with 10 miles on it...still firing but fouling up fast. I removed the champion W89D plug from the same cylinder with 35 miles on it. While not perfect but it's hot tip is staying a nice tan color. My guess is that I am burning some oil but not enough to see it in the exhaust.
  12. I'm up to 75 miles on the W89d's and it is running just fine....they (yours) look the same as mine. I'll take a picture of the W89D in 20 miles or so and compare it to the Autolite 3076
  13. Nothing like a dog enjoying a buick...took a ride this AM and a friend snapped this picture, my Dog Dody has not tried out the back seat yet. We are up to 80 miles now and the new plugs were the ticket. I'll pull a plug in 20 miles or so and compare and contrast the fouling or lack of it between the 2 different plugs and take a picture to share.