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  1. tblack

    What might this be ?

    I use a funnel to add gas on my 31 chevy because of the trunk...but i keep my funnel in the trunk along with jacks ect. so who knows
  2. tblack

    Broken Rocker

    I have several welded as well, seem to be fine....I had a number of extra 4 cylinder ones that went with a truck load of 4 cylinder parts to John Henry over in Mass. I dont have his contact info but maybe someone does....Included in that batch was a rebuilt 1918 4 cylinder engine (Babbit, pistins, the works)...so it might be worth looking him up. TBlack
  3. tblack

    246 engine for sale

    Thanks for the suggestion I will follow up
  4. tblack

    246 engine for sale

    I would consider parting this engine out...what do you need or want
  5. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    No the valves are the same just the cage shortened. The valves in the 23 and the 18 look the same....no idea of what the original 17 valves were. If I had 4 more 18 to 23 cages I could ditch the 17 cages and use your valves but no options at this time. I'll try to run into the gent I sold my 21 roadster to as he ended up with the last of my buick parts....there was a lot of stuff there including (2) 1922 engines.
  6. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    The early olive green is listed from 1922 to 1930.....that sure looks like remnants of an early cleanup paint job but probably not from day 1. While factory paint may not have been used til 1922 perhaps restorers felt there was some advantage to painting earlier stuff . I do like that olive green and may paint the upper cylinder block while it is clean apart and uninstalled. I painted the exhaust manifold with the cast iron grey and the intake manifold black so maybe I'll go modern with paint for 1922. I left the rocker towers and lifter housings unpainted. As I rewire the spark plugs I'll repaint the wire housing black. The fittings from the waterpump to water jacket on my car are nickle that seems to be the case with the picture Mark provided as well. I repainted my pump black but left the nickle tubing The prototype of the shortened valve cage from the 23 exhaust cages worked well. Should have the rest back soon and then put it all back together.
  7. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Hard to tell but looks as though the cylinder block and stater generator have remnants of the early buick green
  8. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Found another picture of my now gone 1916 D35 I was the second owner and it last ran in 1938...no paint but I did paint it after the rebuild
  9. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Nice pictures....that light green on the 23 was I think an original type color for the early 20's......I guess I will not paint, just clean and oil. I did paint the water pump and the fan is already black. My engine was sprayed a light gray and I have since scraped it all off. The lifter guides and holders were Black under the gray spray....The black paint was adhering well. My guess the gray paint came in the early 50's and the black paint earlier or original...I'm leaving these parts bare metal as oil will protect them. I buttoned up the lower end today, waiting for the cylinder block and then see how the modified cages work out. Perhaps someday I'll aquire the proper cages, valves and springs but the mix and match should work for now
  10. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    I like the green...I think it was the color in the mid 20's. Interesting if Terry would weigh in I see his engine is coming apart for a rebuild but I cant see it clear enough to see if it is painted. I'm tempted to not paint but when it is apart and clean it is the best time to paint Could be just personal preference in the end. Here are a couple other views of originals from the internet
  11. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    Don is your upper cylinder block painted? I was looking on the internet saw a very original E49 only thing painted was the pump (black) Spark wire conduit(Black) fan (greenish) and vacuum tank body black...like this one my steering mast is nickel.
  12. tblack

    Early Buick Engine painting

    morgan...I looked over the black oxide...way to complicated for my purposes...I have cold blued and browned gun parts in the past and this is a similar process.
  13. I took this engine, 4 speed transmission drive and split drive shaft out of a 1949 2r truck .......since the engine number starts with a 4 it is the 246 upgrade but the serial numbers imply it came out of a 1951. Presently the engine is stuck probably from sitting for 40 years it ran when parked but the guy never got to his planned truck restoration, the truck had a full load of antifreeze when i removed the parts. Engine is complete except missing the starter and carb and air cleaner. Heavy items so pick up only. $300 for all....$50 extra if you want the radiator and radiator bracket.
  14. Early buick engine painting. As my 1917 d45 engine is apart but will going back together soon it seems like the time to get some input on engine painting First were these engines and or components painted at all in the day? Upper cylinder block... color? Engine pan ? rocker arm stands? Rocker arms? lifter housing and lifter support brackets? Starter Generator? Pump? Push rods? Fan? On my 4 cylinders 16 and 17 I painted the block and head Model A green.....
  15. tblack

    1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    I recognize that upper block picture by Morgan as a 1918 with 2 different size valves...but yes the 16 has the same shelve any they can not fall through.