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  1. I return this engine to my neighbors garage so its out of my garage!!
  2. Brian ...good talking to you on the phone...hopefully the lead I gave you to my former 21/22 parts cache is good for your buddy. Since you were looking 21/22 you might want to reconsider on the 23...its yours if you want it but if not we will offer it again TBlack
  3. I have a less than complete 1923 engine that belongs to my neighbor. It is missing the smaller valve cages, the fan and starter generator and side sheet metal. The engine turns over the upper cylinder block seems to be crack free. The water pump the water pump gear and the engine gears are there, so are the lifters and pushrods. The 3 gears will change out as a set to a 21 or 22 buick, desirable as they are all metal not fiber. Priced to sell $125 and you pick up. T Black
  4. I'll get a picture tomorrow. There are also part numbers on the the Parts that hold the axle to the springs they also were not lining up with anything chevy so maybe you can find them in your pontiac book
  5. Maybe the uptick was due to the introduction of the free wheeling transmission (32 on chevies) they got rid of it in 33. I doubt prohibition actually refrained anyone from drinking...Per the cruise speed 40 was nice on my 22 buick roadster...35 was comfortable on my 4 cylinder buicks
  6. 6 bolt pattern same as a chevy....the stamped number on the carrier is R63060.....there is a lone P stamped also the top of the Carrier in the Same place as a lone C is stamped on my chevy rear end...maybe P is for Pontiac
  7. I have an engine(Stuck) but running when parked 40 years ago, transmission, a radiator and a couple of fuel pumps left over from a couple of stude 2r's i was working on. $75 takes it all unfortunately you have to pick up.....Tblack
  8. I have a rear end that came with a chevy i bought...none of the numbers jive with chevy parts books. Perhaps it is a pontiac. It has a torque tube. Did early oakland/pontiacs also use a torque tube? If not then I'm on the wrong forum to get me started...TBlack
  9. A guess but based on Buicks I had I would say late teens as the wheel has a wooden felloe as opposed to metal.
  10. Jerry ...I wonder if that drive train would fit in my 25 Chevy?? I'll stop over and take a look at your car for before and after inspiration. To add to the mix of anyone willing to make the trip they can swing by my garage and I,ll send them home with another engine and trans and assorted stuff. I think my engine is a 1951 or 52 it was in a 1949R16 truck that I had as a parts donor. My wife said it must go so down the road it went but i snuck the engine out first.
  11. The car is for sale again as my winter project 1926 (not 1922) chevy truck needed a parts car to finish so I'm short on room again ...This year we are offereing the 30 chevy sports roadster at $25,000...very nice car
  12. It is hard to believe that prices on and interest in old cars are so soft...I was unable to mount any serious interest in my 1930 Chev roadster...best bet is just to drive it and enjoy it when you least expect it someone will seek you out to buy it
  13. Original for these early years trucks was just a commercial chassis from the factory and the body was added as needed for your application. The bodies were custom from local wood guys using available iron hardware or in some cases by coach builders . The Model T had a few after market bodies available and I imagine Chevrolet did as well. Modified mine (rustic) so I could fit in it through the drivers door past the steering wheel. OK for my purposes. My granddaughter learned to drive standard shift on this last week end and drove into town to get the Xmas tree. Maybe there is hope that the
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