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  1. I have a NORS thermostat and a NOS thermostat retainer for $35. I have never found a late model thermostat that fits properly in the housing. Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086
  2. I have a large inventory of NOS Pontiac engine parts. Feel free to call 641-648-9086 or email kelsey@prairieinet.net Thanks! Kurt Kelsey
  3. I have Coker radials on my '56 and would NEVER go back to bias ply tires. I drives much better and does not want to follow grooves in the highway.
  4. Yes, I would have suggested the same solution. I have them in stock, give me a call 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  5. It is a '46. Tailights are not '42 and fender mouldings msake it a '46. '47's did not have fender mouldings.
  6. I have a NOS actuator rod @ $21 ppd 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  7. The original muffler fits 1934-54 all models. It is a little over 34" long. You probably could have found one. I have a NOS exhaust pipe $50. I have had several customers with problems with mail order exhaust systems. 641-648-9086
  8. Gee Chris, thanks for the compliment. My long gone uncle would have asked "Funny strange or funny Ha ?" I have a NOS genuine GM pinion seal $35 $ $8 postage. 641-648-9086
  9. Your best bet is a complete running parts car. That way you will have everything you need and know what needs to be fixed before the transplant. You might get lucky and find one with power steering which is darn nice to have on a '58. Good luck!
  10. Front is for a 25 series. Rear is either 26 or 29 as there are holes for mouldings and 25 series did not have mouldings. Any numbers written on the inside ?
  11. My parts book shows 2 wooden wedge blocks in both the front and rear main bearings. I do have some of these blocks NOS @ $4 each. Call me if you want to order them. Kurt 641-648-9086 Thanks
  12. There are wooden wedges in the crankshaft bearing cap. Do they have them in place ?
  13. FYI: Pontiac used three different bodies in 1941 so just because it is a 1941 Pontiac fender does not mean it fits all of them. Either check the part number and style number in a Pontiac parts book or do some serious measuring to be sure which model they fit.