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  1. John, I was unable to reply to your reply, so am doing it here. My email is kelsey@prairieinet.net Would you send me the pictures to my email. Thanks!! Kurt
  2. Dual Range came out in 1952 and had 4 speeds. The nice part is engine braking in 3rd gear for hills and mountains. I don't know what changes were done to make it Dual Range.
  3. Anybody else with this problem, I have a 1953 Dual-range Hydramatic from 60,000 mile car. Fluid looks and smells good. $350 & actual shipping. Kurt 641-648-9086
  4. 1939-1948 are all the same, 16" and are not very plentiful. If you can get your old ones sandblasted, primed and painted, that might be your best bet since you already have the wheels.
  5. I just looked on eBay by searching for "vintage car heater" and found several that would do the job for under $100. One of these would keep you much warmer than the manifold heater.
  6. On a Model A Ford, it took a different exhaust manifold. I would think you could find a nice 6 volt firewall mounted heater, they were used for many years and many cars.
  7. Looks like Lynn Steele can solve your problem. Check this link. https://www.steelerubber.com/motor-mount-service-27-0046-11
  8. I have a NOS 510881 left side $40 & $9 postage. Sorry, no RH. Kurt 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  9. 601108 does not show up in any Pontiac parts book.
  10. I have a NORS set $50 & $9 postage. Call Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086 Thanks!
  11. My parts book says 1930 Oakland is the same.
  12. My 1934 Pontiac Adventure Thirteen years ago I got a call from a car enthusiast in a neighboring town to tell me he had heard about a 1934 Pontiac in a warehouse in Wellsburg, Ia. He didn’t know much about it. I told him thanks, but no thanks, I sure didn’t need another car. Later that year I got to thinking about it and called him back for more info. I called the owner and found out the car might be for sale, so I made an appointment to go look at it. The owner told me the car was purchased new by the Boomgarden family in Wellsburg which consisted of two ba
  13. If you have not had the bolts holding the two manifolds loos, DON"T. Leave them alone as they will probably twist off and then you will be in DEEP do-do. Just take them to a machine shop like I suggested and let them work their magic. Then when they are nice and straight, you will be able to get them to seal. I have done this many times with many cars. If you need another gasket set, give me a call 641-648-9086. Good luck!!
  14. If you haven't done so already, you should take the manifolds to a machine shop and let them plane the surface so it is completely flat and straight. Then they will fit up to the block and seal properly.
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