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Chickasha Swap Meet Has The Green Light This Year So Far


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The Chickasha Oklahoma

Prewar Swap Meet 

March 2021




I just called the Fairgrounds Office.


That is the facility hosting the meet.


Last year they were forced to close for two months due to an order by the Governor of Oklahoma.


This year they plan to stay open unless directed to close by the Governor or by the President.


There has been one cancelation so far this year which was for a June wedding that the party scheduling blamed on COVID.


The contract to rent space for the 
Chickasha Swap Meet is supposed to be signed this week.


So - things look good as of today.

My advice to anyone planning on attending who will be traveling from a distance:


Wait until the latest possible time to
make flight and motel & hotel reservations.


Ask about COVID cancellation refund policies should the event be cancelled.


Check in with the fairground office
periodically by phone for a status update on The Chickasha Swap Meet as well as other scheduled fairground events leading up to the swap meet in March.


If you see events are being cancelled in the weeks leading up to Chickasha - take note and adjust your travel plans accordingly.


Here is the Fairgrounds information:





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Glad to hear. Chickasha used to be a "must-see" but the past 3 years have been disappointing. 


Here's hoping the swap meet goes on and that pent-up demand makes it a blockbuster event.


The only bad thing about Chickasha is the lack of decent motels. The few good ones quickly sell out at crazy prices. I usually end up in Anadarko ("the Indian Capital of the Nation"), about 15 miles away.


P.S. Looking forward to an onion burger from J&W Grill. 

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