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1920's wheels 6 x 6" bolt pattern (mystery)

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Hello,  I have some 20" solid steel wheels on a 1928 Clarktor, which may have been used on other trucks/cars of the period.  I would like to replace them, due to heavy corrosion/loss of steel at the rim perimeters.  The hub opening is 2-3/4" and there are six 5/8" bolt holes, spaced directly opposed at 6".  Is this a wheel used elsewhere, and modified by Clark?  Note that there does not appear to be a split rim ring, rather it is solid.  Note also that the original tires were 32x6.  

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Did you find anything?

I had a look in my wheel interchange book for 6x6 & only 2 were listed -

They were both late 1930s trucks from REO 475, 675 & 3/4 ton & STEWART 60H.



Manuel in Oz



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