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  1. If you haven't seen the thread on the HET website Open Forum re: 'remanufactured differential gears', please visit it if you are able. There is an effort underway (coordinated by HET member Tom Lynch) to have a state-of-the-art CNC gear manufacturer reproduce differential gears of a modified ratio for 34-47 Hudsons. This would change the ratio from approx. 4.10 to approx. 3.5, which according to users of previously produced sets, results in favorable performance changes (somewhat lowered starting speeds, but much improved cruising speed/reduction in engine RPMs). As you may know, this effor
  2. Hello, I have some 20" solid steel wheels on a 1928 Clarktor, which may have been used on other trucks/cars of the period. I would like to replace them, due to heavy corrosion/loss of steel at the rim perimeters. The hub opening is 2-3/4" and there are six 5/8" bolt holes, spaced directly opposed at 6". Is this a wheel used elsewhere, and modified by Clark? Note that there does not appear to be a split rim ring, rather it is solid. Note also that the original tires were 32x6.
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