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I have also what I think is a 1931 Desoto deluxe hood ornament.

ron hausmann

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All - i was told there were some high quality reproductions of this cast, so you guys get to judge if this is original or an old high quality repro. This one is bronze. I spent a few minutes on a buffer this morning to bring out details. See pictures and decide. There are no numbers on it.

Ron Hausmann 








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Hello.  I hope someone can help me.  I am looking for the 1931 radiator cap that goes on my DeSoto.  Does anyone know of a place where I can look other than ebay?  Haven't found one there and haven't had any luck going through the DeSoto club which I joined 8 months ago.  Don't mind if it's a reproduction.  This is my car below.  Thank you for any help!



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Yvonne, Lawrence, Mark.

      My high quality reproduction cap in this above forum string is still available at $300 plus shipping. It has a threaded hole underneath which can be adapted to whatever mount your car has. It can be shined up nicely. 
      First buyer gets it. Let me know.  
      Ron Hausmann

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Hi Ron.  I have replied to the email that you sent saying it is still available.  I am looking at these posts and realizing that you are the seller.  I would like to purchase it from you please.  If you could call me or respond to tell me what I need to do in order to purchase it, I will do so as soon as I hear back from you.   I am a teacher, so I can usually only answer the phone when I am off work which is 2:30 in the afternoon central time.  


Yvonne Varley


email:  yvarley@fz.k12.mo.us

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