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Automobile “noise makers” (horns, whistles, sirens, and more)

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Here’s a new variety of collectibles for this category. I really enjoy the many different ways that automobilists have found to make noise out on the road. Whether the reason was warning signals, emergencies, relieving exhaust back pressure for more power, or just plain fun; the myriad inventions are fantastic. These are some examples from my Noise Maker Collection.

Horns (warning):  Photos #1 #2. Hand operated “push type” horn.  
                               Photos #3 #4. Hand operated “twist type” horns

Emergency:  Photo #5. Hand cranked siren (Federal brand)

Power:  Photo #6.  Foot pedal operated exhaust cutout.

Fun:  Photo #7.  Aermore  4 chime exhaust whistle.

         Photo #8.  Spark plug/cylinder explosion whistle.

         Photo #9.  5 trumpet musical horn (16 pound monster)

Enjoy,  Bob










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Cool topic Bob.  This is a great opportunity to see some neat noise-makers.   Have a few I need to take pics of, but for starters, here are a couple of related items displayed in by recreated old auto parts store.




Klaxon horn boxes.jpg

Klaxon horn display.jpg

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Not mine but I wish....I've seen a couple of variations on this type of horn display that would have been on the counter in an old auto parts and accessory store.  Anyone got one?



Brass bulb horn countertop display.jpg

Brass bulb horn countertop display bottom side.jpg

Brass bulb horn countertop display lable.jpg

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Today, while searching for something in the garage, I found another type of "noise maker" to add to the mix.

It's another type of whistle, this time though it works on vacuum. It has no maker markings and is a bit shabby, but it works great.

More fun!




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Nil Mellior was an upscale auto accessory store in NY City starting in the 1930s. At one time they had their space in the south lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel!

this was in their sales catalog from about 1937. They also show a "ocean liner horn" that would make the noise of an ocean liner to get people to move out of your way.


KiYi barkingdog horn1940001.jpg

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From among my collection(s) of brassy items is this very early horn.  It's not your conventional bulb horn though. It would be carried by a driver (or passenger) and used like a trumpet to signal that your car is coming. It has a single trumped style valve to change the tone, and it has a wooden "mouthpiece" to use to blow through.  This is a French made horn and is probably very early 1900s. Many early signaling devices were carried over from the coaching days.   Terry


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