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6COM-62 Champion spark plug

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My pre-war Champion catalog shows this 18mm plug as mainly intended for commercial vehicles and motorcycles.  It's a "severe service" plug and is recommended for engines that run hot.  (It's a colder type plug.)   There were no specific vehicle recommendations in the catalog but there is a note that it can be used in some Studebakers, but it is indicated as a plug that can be used to help correct rapid gap growth, pre-ignition, ping, overheating and core fracture caused by hot running motors, high speed usage, heavy loads and long highway upgrades in hot climates.


Your J-8 Champion is listed as fitting the following:

America Bantam (1938), Chevrolet(1937-40), Cadillac(1936-38 8 cyl and 1938-39 16 cyl), Chrysler (1931 Delux 8 and 1932-39 regular heads), Desoto (1932-39 regular heads), Dodge (1932-39 regular heads), LaSalle (1935-35), Overland (1939), Nash (1932-39), Oldsmobile (1937-39), Packard (1933-36), Plymouth(1932-39 regular heads), Pontiac(1833-39), and Terraplane (except Aluminum Hi. Heads). 

I note you've posed in a couple of places on the forum - here and Technical.  It's always best to just post questions once to avoid duplicate and sometimes confusing answers. 

Hope this helps satisfy your curiosity.


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