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Looking for exhaust manifold, 1940 President

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The exhaust manifold on my 1940 President has lost the bolt holes.  They broke off, we attempted to braze weld new ones on but they broke off as well.  Does anyone have one or know where I may be able to locate one?  I have posted on the Studebaker Drivers Club forums and watched Ebay.  


Thank you,



Broken Ears.jpg

Broken ears 2.jpg

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The 1934-46 Parts Catalog shows 1939-41 exhaust manifolds having the same part number.  The one for 1942 is a different number, as is the one for late 1935 through 1937.  I don't know what the differences are.  Try posting your casting number here with more photos to improve your chances of a match.

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The only casting numbers I can see from the pictures is the firing order.  I will have to check the other side when I get off of work.  But here are the pictures..  One with the intake and exhaust separated and the other when they are bolted together.  These pictures were taken after the first repair, which failed during installation. 


The intake was also pretty damaged.  We were able to add some weld to it.  So far it has survived a hammer hitting it....



Intake worn out.jpg

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The improvement made on the 1942 was that instead of the heat riser shaft riding in holes in the cast iron

Studebaker installed bushings and a different heat riser shaft.

This was done on the Commander and President engines.This fix can probably work on older manifolds that have excessive wear around the heat riser valve shaft.

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