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  1. The only casting numbers I can see from the pictures is the firing order. I will have to check the other side when I get off of work. But here are the pictures.. One with the intake and exhaust separated and the other when they are bolted together. These pictures were taken after the first repair, which failed during installation. The intake was also pretty damaged. We were able to add some weld to it. So far it has survived a hammer hitting it....
  2. The exhaust manifold on my 1940 President has lost the bolt holes. They broke off, we attempted to braze weld new ones on but they broke off as well. Does anyone have one or know where I may be able to locate one? I have posted on the Studebaker Drivers Club forums and watched Ebay. Thank you, -Joe
  3. I am a member of the drivers club forum and use it alot. They were the ones who suggested I post over here on the AACA forums. I will check with the ASC members, thank you for the suggestions! -Joe
  4. I have placed an ad in the wanted section. But figured I shall start a quick topic over here. Does anyone know where I can locate an exhaust manifold for a 1940 President? My manifold has busted bolt holes. Local hotrod garage is attempted to braze weld some new ears on, but the first go around the ears broke during installation. They use the slow heat up, welding, slow cool down method of welding. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -joe
  5. Hey all, I am looking for an intake and exhaust manifold for my 1940 President. Inline 8. I should be able to repair the exhaust manifold, but the intake may be worn out beyond repair.
  6. I have already joined the SDC forum awhile back. Alot of people and nice cars over there!!
  7. Hey Yall! I am new to the ASC. I should have joined a year or so ago but never did. here I am!! The story of the car... My grandfather was a WW2 Navy vet. Came home, got a job with the post office, and had 10 kids. After all the kids moved out and started making their own families, my grandfather decided to build a car. In the mid 70s he found this 1940 Studebaker President on one of his mail routes. He worked on it and finished it in the early to late 80s. I grew seeing this car on vacation since as far back as I can remember, many memories with all my cousins j
  8. Hey yall!! I drive mine to work when I am able!! i am new to the forums! I acquired my grandfathers 1940 Studebaker President last year after he passed. Here is a picture of her!! -Joe
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