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1949 Dynaflow Headlight, Maplight Switch

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Boy I hate that when I take something apart and then can't figure out how it goes back together!!!  The light switch removal is NO EASY TASK!  Anyway had to remove it to fix the dash light dimmer rheostat. Well got it fixed & back in with all the wires back correctly I believe.  Except for one wire and that was for the Map Light.  Got the wire hooked up at the headlight switch and removed it from the switch as I thought that would be easier.  But then I looked at the maplight!!  I removed it thus how to put back in place?? A MYSTERY NOW!!  Don't know how I removed it without being able to remove handle from the switch, because it looks like the mounting has to go in back of the panel.  The screw threads are on the switch mounting and I'm sure the screws went in from the front. Does not make sense now!  Almost seems like the large pull handle has to be somehow removed from the switch but now does not seem possible!  I don't want to break anything.

Is the handle removable from the map switch and if so, HOW?????  Things seem so simple when you take things apart and you don't think you will have any problem to put back together. But is happening too often lately.  Am I getting Senile??


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Too bad you did not include some pictures of the areas you are inquiring about.  For those with some experience, but not your particular model year car, a picture or three may lead to an answer that satisfied the question.  But in the absence of any pictures, if you got the light out without removing the knob then it likely goes back the same way, from the rear of the dash panel or chrome bezel.  As for the know, they often have a set screw on the flat end of the knob.  Many require an allen wrench to loosen them and then the knob will come off the shaft. 

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