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81 Rolls Convert Low Low Miles - CHEAP!


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I have always looked for late Rolls Royces that have been well maintained and seviced and driven frequently with fairly high mileage as the very complex hydraulic system,similar but more complicated than a Citroen's, including the temperamental triple circuit brakes suffer greatly from lack of use and a "simple" overhaul of the brakes can run the unwary about $3,500.00 and up. These brakes operate at a pressure of near 2,500psi and UNLESS you are prepared to follow the service schedule which is VERY complicated the car will probably fail in short order. In short, this car cannot be "driven and forgotten" the internet is full of "lost hopes" that are too expensive for their owner's to maintain. Just my 2 cents gents.

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Nice car---but I do noy have $33,000. Why don't you all just keep it as a POLICE CAR---------wow-----------no one would ever think of it aas a Police car. Think of the money you'd make off speeders-------you could buy two-three new police cars and still keep the Rolls for taking special convicts to jail, etc. cool.gif

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