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1947 Buick 56C heater needed


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I’m looking for any and all heater/defroster components for my 47 Super Convertible. Previous owner never reinstalled after the last restoration attempt. If anyone knows where I can find Good original parts please let me know. Thanks!

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I just noticed your post. My brother and I have various heater and defroster parts for a 1947 Roadmaster 76c 2dr convertible.  I did check the parts catalog and I believe the 56c  Super and 76c Roadmaster heater parts interchange ( please check yourself to make sure). We have the heater control, rod,defroster, a deflector, a hose and the dash knobs.  I have not figured out how to include the photos on this forum.  If your still looking for the parts then let me know your cell and I can text the pics to you.  My cell is 430 463-0840 or my brother Ed’s cell is 440 655-9824


please let us know either way if you still need the parts or not


Stay safe,


Jim (Killshot169)

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