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  1. Thank you for the quick expert replies. Certainly sounds like enough significant differences in a 48 engine to make it a must for a 48 dyna-flow car. Thanks again.
  2. I have a re-built 320 engine from a 47 Buick Roadmaster 2dr convertible with a manual transmission (it’s for sale too) and I need to know if the engine can fit into a 48 Roadmaster with a dyna-flow transmission? I understand that the engine mount is in a different position and some difference in the crank. Please clarify the differences and if it can be made to work? Or do we just need to locate a 48 320 dyna-flow engine?? I greatly appreciate the advise from the Buick experts. Thank you Killshot169.
  3. I just noticed your post. My brother and I have various heater and defroster parts for a 1947 Roadmaster 76c 2dr convertible. I did check the parts catalog and I believe the 56c Super and 76c Roadmaster heater parts interchange ( please check yourself to make sure). We have the heater control, rod,defroster, a deflector, a hose and the dash knobs. I have not figured out how to include the photos on this forum. If your still looking for the parts then let me know your cell and I can text the pics to you. My cell is 430 463-0840 or my brother Ed’s cell is 440 655-9824 please let
  4. Sorry I did not see your message. Pleas call Ed at 440 655-9824. He does have the vent parts in good condition. stay safe jim
  5. I am helping my brother Ed, sell parts from a 47 Roadmaster convertible and he has both vent frames in very good condition. Please call Ed at 440 655-9824 if your still in need. He has many other parts in a range of condition. Stay safe, Jim
  6. I wanted to add the list of parts, condition and prices to this forum post. Please take a look and call or email if any interest or looking for more information/photos. Stay safe, BCA# 50554, Ed Lorence (CLE, OH), 440 473-1502 or 440 655-9824, lorenced1@icloud.com
  7. 1947 Roadmaster 76C Convertible Parts for sale: Range in condition from NOS, rebuilt (R), re-chromed (RC), polished (P), primed (PR), Original. (O) Rebuilt 320 Short block & head, Good original intake& exhaust manifolds, carbs, distributor, oil pan (PR), valves, spark plug covers (PR), air filter assembly, radiator and frame (R), new YnZ wire harnesses, convertible top (very good orig, frame, bows, oak bow & moldings), front grill (O), bumpers (RC,O), emblems hood & trunk (NOS), moldings, body panels (front fender, hood, pontoon), window frames (R, P and O), seat fr
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