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Front Bearings Inner New Departure 909703 1927 Model 27-27 McLauglin Buick


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Other bearing threads--->




Not your part number-- https://www.abf.store/s/en/bearings/909702-NEW-DEPARTURE/362602


Do you have the dimensions? 

Then take it to an industrial bearing supplier.  Do not say its a car part: its just a bearing


Not applicable to 1920-1930's https://www.ahrinternational.com/HYATT-BALL-BEARINGS_nomenclature.shtml



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When I was going thru the front axle for my 1925-25, I found that the outer races required only a single adapter on the bearing race to make a modern roller bearing fit.  For the inner bearing, I could not find a good replacement and I felt that I would need to make an adapter for both the inner cone and the outer race.  What complicated matters was the oil seal, as this is part of the bearing and that would need to be designed into the adapter.  Not a big job to do this, but something that would need to be done.  I just happened to be able to swap enough parts that I did not have to replace the inner bearings.   909703 fits all smaller Buicks 1922 thru 1928 so you have a wide range if you are looking for used bearings.   I also remember someone in the Chez Republic claiming to have old obsolete bearings, but this was a scam.      Hugh   

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Download ND_1939_OCR.pdf.  Look at pages 92-95 and on. Has dimensions.

Is the April 1939 (13th edition) of the New Departure Handbook.

New Departure was a GM subsidiary- GM brand.

Take those dimensions to an industrial bearing supplier (not a car parts shop).

The complete assembly part number 909003 may or may not be available or have an equivalent; Timken etc

(I currently do not access to all my bearing -interchange books)


Untitled - Vintage Machinery Wiki

wiki.vintagemachinery.org › GetFile › ND_1939_OCR

Untitled - Vintage Machinery Wiki



More digging. Timken use the same part numbers

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Another bearing catalogue to download

These can be very useful


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