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1932 buick data plate

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I have communicating with a friend in Europe about 1932 Buicks.  He sent me the attached  data plate.  His assumption was that the car built in Germany.


I believe it may have been an export car that was modified at a GM plant in Germany.


Any thoughts on this data plate???




























german data plate.jpg

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Have you checked this out ? https://forums.aaca.org/topic/169217-general-motors-gmbh-berlin-borsigwalde/

I’m not an expert on this, but since there was also a GM plant in Switzerland, I know that at hat time the import taxes for finished cars were higher than for car parts. GM therefore built various plants in Europe, including in Berlin Borsigwalde in a part of a former arms factory.

The wagons were assembled from delivered parts and partially modified to meet local regulations.



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