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41 international campbell body parts

blind pew

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I have a 41 international Woodie K3. I am wondering about window channel "whiskers", rubber seals, window regulators, ect……………………………… Does anyone know-


1. whether the IH truck parts for the pickup fit the Woodie?


2,. Are there other car/truck makers that used Campbell bodies that have rubber parts and window channels that are more readily accessible?


3. How about window regulators and door latches?



Fortunately, I have ALL the parts and they are in pretty good shape, except everything rubber needs to be replaced. All the wood is in surprisingly excellent shape, as is the body, frame ect. 


Thanks for any help,.

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Look at Restoration Specialties for window channels and lots of other things. Look at Steele rubber for everything rubber. Steele has parts categorized by make and a generic section. Same for Restoration Specialties. They probably do not have an extensive "International" section. I believe the parts you need are available but will be in the generic category. I am amazed I found all the rubber and window channel I need for my 1940 Lasalle woodie but it was not in a "lasalle woodie" category because there is none. There is a Metro Molded Rubber out there also. 


What is the matter with your window regulators and door latches?  


Also.........P I C T U R E S  !   !   !

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Thanks Tom!


Pictures...………………………… I was just there for four days (vacation time) working on the damn thing and did not take photos. I'll be there in September and will get some good photos. 


I am amazed that essentially all of the wood (even the plywood) is good. I stripped off the old exterior varnish and the exterior is already ready to be bleached. The engine turns over (unexpected) and there is just surface rust on the undercarriage and body. 


I think this is going to be far less work than your beautiful Lasalle. Heck, if I was retired I could have that thing in great shape in a few months. 


The weird thing is on the interior panels there is this "particle board" stuff instead of plywood. EVERYTHING on this car/truck is original, which is pretty cool. The mechanicals on these are very simple and not tough to work on. In addition, they are "over engineered" and built like a tank. The door handles and window cranks are not chromed, but have a duller nickel type finish. I assume this was because the war was impending and there were shortages already. The rear deck still has the "battleship linoleum" and the seats are mostly intact. One will not even have to be re-upholstered. 

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