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Merc Won't Start When Hot

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I have a 1946 Merc coupe flat head V-8.  Starts fairly easily.  I keep it on a trickle charger.  After driving for a few miles and the engine gets up to temp, if I stop and turn it off, it won't restart.  It acts as if the battery is dead.  Starter will give a couple of grunts, but that's it.  A few hours later, after it cools off, it turns over easily and fires right up.  What could be causing this?



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Did this start suddenly or has it been this way since you owned the car?


Check your battery cables. If you have incorrect cables, the starter will turn over slow when hot. It will also be slow when cold, but the engine has a good spark and fuel so it starts.


Post a photo of your battery cables, starter cable and engine to ground strap, as they are connected in the engine compartment.


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Thanks 19tom40, you hit the nail on the head.  No need to post a photo.  One look at the cables was all I needed.

One cable was 1 gauge and the other was a 4 gauge!.. It's a wonder the thing even cranked.

I replaced both cables wot 2/0 high temp cables.  Noe the thing cranks like an 8 volt when cold, and no

heat problem after running for a while.


Thanks again

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