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  1. Yes thanks, shopping for a gently used set, don’t want to pay full retail
  2. Looking for 4 or 5 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires, 17” 5x5.25 for 1934 Ford, good enough to go on a running/driving car. Also need one 17” 1934 Ford rim. Thanks. 831-238-8235 for calls/texts
  3. Bye-bye odds and ends all the time on eBay, even bought a 36 Ford five window a couple months ago out of Chicago. Yes spelling out the phone number works all the time, seller calls me right away for a conversation when I’ve done that. Just this time Seller is ghost on me…
  4. I’m not worried about backing out of an EBay deal. Just frustrated the seller won’t contact me so I can go down my list of questions, so will see what transpires over the next few days. Thanks again,
  5. Thanks for the responses gents. I am a very seasoned car person, restored dozens of 33/34 Fords over the last two decades, so I am not new to this, just frustrated that the seller won’t contact me.
  6. I’m current high bidder with reserve met, but very frustrating that the seller will not contact me, after sending him 3 messages through ebay. I really hate their process, you can’t send the seller your phone number or email, but I do so by spelling out each number. Also typed in the message that he can enter my name in Google and my phone number gets shown instantly. Still no contact. I have questions about the title, the sheet metal, the running condition etc, just like all of us would.
  7. Thanks all. Since I am now furloughed for at least a month, I have also got out my slot car set, several of my cars are from when I was about 9 years old, in 1969.
  8. Just got in my fresh batch of 1934 Ford greyhound radiator cab hood ornaments. Cast from an original from 1934. Look amazing and fit perfectly price is 725 includes insured shipping, does not include mounting hardware. They should sell out quickly. Please call with any questions at 831–238–8235
  9. Yes spot on....so...I guess this is the end of the thread, unless someone else comes across a covered car.
  10. Thanks for the speech SC38DLS......now what is under the covers?
  11. Oh yea, have a nice N95 that says in big blue letters: “Made in China”
  12. I totally agree with you. But being laid off indefinitely, until this SAP order is over, not much I can do other than enjoy my car hobby, drive my wife nuts, and play golf. And in the meantime hijacking my own post!
  13. Yes a paradox, stay home, but according to our Gov, do outdoor activities, so 18 holes today, and tomorrow, and on Friday. i am a few blocks from PB entrance, and have worked there for 27 years...
  14. Sheltering in place....all of Ca is in lock down, my county, Monterey, until at least Jan 11th. Stay at home orders, but at least the golf courses are open!
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