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  1. Greatest Ford ever made, 34 Three Window...(in my yard) ...and the Five Window, eh, its ok (Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA)
  2. Link to photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eHgDX8k93wvjMzxs8 This is a real 1934 Ford Roadster. Understated elegance. Built in June of ’34, she’s all stock, no fiberglass, no reproduction sheet metal, and with near all its original components in tact. And best of all, she really flies down the road. What a blast to drive, take it out of town for the weekend. Absolutely mechanically solid. Exterior The excellent factory sheet metal is painted in correct Córdoba Grey with Poppy Red pin stripe and powder coated rims. Firestone Deluxe Champion White w
  3. Thank you. I turn 60 in a few months, and sadly my eyesight makes it very difficult to do this anymore. Especially at any detailed level. Maybe I should drop down to the Snaptite line...
  4. This post has really re-inspired me. My completed kits have been in storage for over three years, so time to get them out into the light of day. Glad I took the time to pack them properly, and not put something like a starter on top of the box... Have to do some minor repairs, but shop is now open again. I have owned the real car of each of these. They all are the color of the car I had, each has a tiny printed out license plate with correct Numbers and letters. If it was a Highboy, then kit made that way, if it was a roller, same thing. Certain kits of cars I have
  5. New price, $22,500 obo...thanks for looking 831-238-8235
  6. Doesn’t bother me at all, just didn’t understand it
  7. Hello 1937, totally correct, you can see my full description in the For Sale/Ford/Model A section.
  8. Sorry Grog, but this has got to be one of the most unrelated, confusing posts of all time, if there is such a category. Maybe a lot of inside jokes/references that are way over my head, but rock on brother...
  9. Thanks for the heads up Steve! Will definitely drive the 30 pickup tomorrow...
  10. Oh yea.... making models in the 60’s when I was a kid is exactly why I collect and restore cars now. That is why my Email address is fullscalemodels@yahoo.com. Then 2002, when I was finally out of debt, bought my first classic car, 1928 Ford Leatherback, finally working on a model in full scale, 1:1 I tried to make a model of every classic and antique car I owned, at the time I owned it. Not always possible, one photo attached. To me, the greatest model kit ever was the Red Baron. A model first, then a car, which resides in a museum. What I would give to own it. I h
  11. Thanks so much Matt for the kudos. I have been doing this just as a hobby for about 5 years now. Really enjoy hearing the stories about the injured dogs... I will be listing my 34 Roadster for sale on this site in a few weeks, I’ll give you a good deal...! Greyhound included! Thanks. Jd
  12. Hello Niklas yes can ship to Sweden, still waiting on the next batch of 1934’s. should be 3-4 weeks from now. 33 and 34 are different based on the radiator caps, not interchangeable. What year is your car? Thank you
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