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  1. thank you for bringing this unit to our attention. Being a 34 Ford freak for over 20 years, here is some info: if you are going to put in a post war 24 stud Flathead, then you better put in juice brakes. Stock brakes can work well, but most often even with a stock motor can be scary. So a hopped up motor only adds to the risk of that combination. regarding price, for any woodie, value is in original wood. If It’s all replacement wood, or mostly all obviously replacement wood, the value goes waaay down. And, overall the woodie market has tanked. I Recently bought my 47 Ford woodie locally very fairly, in the high 30’s. this 34 presents well, and I have made an offer on it. Not expecting to be able to drive it out of town, and have a stock 34 motor ready to put into it. The hot rod gauges gotta go, so can easily put in all the stock pieces, and even wood grain the dash, although woodies were considered commercial vehicles, and all the dashes were solid light tan color. Also all units out of the factory were painted Córdoba Grey, which is a medium tan color. I could go on and on, but will stop here.
  2. Some classics I come across when buying Early Ford V8s: seller: The guy I got it from got it from the original owner’s family me: do you have any paperwork to prove it? seller: (no) all original, except for fiberglass rear fenders, replacement Flathead, and juice brakes added...and 12 volt... RARE, only 32,655 made... “hard to find in this condition” ..(...found this one...) Me: why are you selling it? seller: I have too many cars. (which means he is flipping it) Seller: 66,000. Original miles me: do you have DMV records to prove that? seller: no Reason: it’s a 5 digit odometer, and after eighty something years, near impossible to have that few miles. And you can reach under the dash and disconnect the speedo cable almost by using your fingertips but still, absolutely love the car hobby. seller: if I don’t get my (high) asking price, then I am just gonna keep it... *then why did you list it for sale in the first place of you are going to keep it? Threatening to keep it isn’t going to make me offer more,
  3. My 4 character 1933 CA plate on my 33 Ford Roadster.
  4. Pair of mint original 1965 CA dealer plates on my 65 Marlin, which I wish I never sold, and am searching for another in the same color scheme.
  5. Mint condition pair of 1934 CA dealer plates on my ‘34 Ford Three Window Coupe
  6. Hire a titling agent, that is what I do. They know all the rules for your state, and handle it all for a fee. Totally worth it, especially here in CA with all our wacky regulations.
  7. Wow, what can car, I have had a few LZ 3W before, and a convertible, never seen one of these, being a 1933/34 Ford Three Window Coupe fanatic, you can imagine I am going nuts over this one. Thanks for posting. (love the port o let comment. Good one...)
  8. Totally what I am shopping for, just can’t find a great driver on the Left Coast...JD
  9. $2.74 to $2.99 here in Monterey. For all you folks paying under a dollar, with an adjustment for inflation, could be the cheapest gas ever??
  10. SOLD, sale pending with deposit received, thank you AACA.
  11. So the 65 Marlon I was contacted about is two tone silver and blue, original owner, black interior, kinda rough, but complete. not my dream car, but I made an offer anyway so if it works will tide me over as the search continues...
  12. Fantastic car, priced fairly. As I shop for a great car in this price range, seems like they are always a million miles away from CA...
  13. I have worked for PBC for over 25 years. Very sad for all of the employees and vendors that support the event, as well as the disappointment for all participants and attendees. It is a challenge, but we have to stay strong, think positive and be patient. Remember our roots as Americans, of how we bond together to overcome near impossible odds, and achieve our goals.