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  1. Sorry, I thought this was the antique "automobile" club. 1950 International L-122 pickup.
  2. Looking for a serviceable exhaust manifold for an International Harvester Silver Diamond SD220 engine. Companion intake manifold would be nice. Thanks
  3. Geez, what a simple solution. Thanks😀
  4. My '41 Packard has a 1/4" brake line which I am replacing. I can't find a fitting to allow installation of the brake light switch. I need a tee with 2 ports for 7/16 inverted flare and 1 port for 1/8" NPT. HELP !
  5. For the 1935 model year, did Olds produce any 4-door sedans other than the slant back and the trunk back in the 8 cylinder "L" series? Thanks
  6. Turns out it's not a bolt, but a stud with nuts on each end. I loosened both nuts today, but couldn't get the stud to move in either direction. I'm going to saturate with penetrating oil for a few day, and then try to loosen things up. Also, the connection at the end of the master cylinder plunger shaft is very rusted, so need to get that cleaned up before trying to disconnect.
  7. Thanks for the reply, but the configuration on my car is different. The master cylinder mounting bolt closest to the engine is shared by all the gear shift linkages.
  8. Just got a '51 Series L-122 pickup. Really cool truck! Has a cracked windshield. Replacements are hard to find, and all I can find are tinted green. Were the originals green? Thanks.
  9. Is there some kind of a trick to remove a master cylinder from a '41 110? I sure hate to mess around with all those linkages!
  10. My '41 Fleetwood has the thermostat linkage disconnected and the radiator louvers are stuck. I actually doubt that it even has a thermostat installed. It's no problem in summer, but this time if year, the engine doesn't get above 140 degrees. Could I install in-line thermostats in the coolant hoses like in the old Ford v-8s? Thanks
  11. There are the rubber hoses used to connect the fuel pump and also some under the hood. The ones under the hood are fairly old and I'm going to replace them. Thanks.
  12. Done, and I think that was part of the problem. Thanks.
  13. Just tried your suggestion and the car ran! Not for long, but a significant improvement. Ran for about 3 or 4 minutes with the pressure fluctuating between 2 and 4 psi. I located the fill pipe vent and it was plugged shut with a long bolt with tape over the end to keep the bolt from falling out! Looks to have been done a long time ago. I removed the bolt and also cleaned out the gas cap vent. Put the cap back on and the car started and ran, but again not for long. Runs fairly good at high RMP, but will not idle. Anyway, looks like you got me headed in the right direction. Thanks very much.
  14. Before reconnecting the fuel line to the carb, I ran the pump and got a good steady flow of fuel. How could the pump be defective if it produces 5 psi of pressure before starting the engine?
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