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gas tank inspection question


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I took the Avanti out for a ride recently, had driven about 10 miles and pulled away from a light when she lost all power and died.  Got it home and the next day it fired right up, ran and restarted just fine.  On the initial start after the failure I noticed the filter before the carb was empty but it filled right up and the car started fine and ran.  This tells me most of the fuel system is working but I wonder about the tank.  I sealed it 20-25 years ago with Hirsch sealer which worked great.  In the meantime I had to run ethanol thru it until non-eth came out now I that is all I run. Could it be the sealant is old and breaking down, floating in the tank and intermittently blocking the output opening inside the tank?

Can I inspect the tank for this condition without pulling it?  Even if I pull it how do I inspect it without opening it up?  The filter before the carb was clean from what I could tell, replacing it anyways to be safe.  It's an 289 R-1 on original mechanical pump if that matters, replaced a few years (5?) ago.

Thanks for the help,


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