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Does anyone know the Size of 1941 Buick fuel tank

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I want to buy a new fuel tank for my 1941 Buick Roadmaster.  I've tried to measure it on the ground under the car but find it impossible.  Bob's offers 1941-1956 fuel tanks brand new.  The tank is the same size through the years, except for the location of the fuel neck.  I want to buy the tank and have it on hand before I give the car to the local 3-bay (and busy) shop.  They can't afford to be without a tank when they take mine off.  In Bob's cataloge they show four different sizes.  One of the 4 fits a 1941 Buick.  They show 10, 11.5, 12.5 and 13.5 inches from the back edge of the tank.  Which one matches the '41 Buick.  Does anybody know?  The closest I've come is 15 inches.  The Buick Parts Book shows 1942-1948, plus 1949 Special to all be the same except the Model 49 station wagon.  Thanks.

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I just measured the tank on my Super sedan, which should be the same as your Roadmaster, and it was 10" from the front edge of the tank to the center of the filler pipe.  As I read the diagrams in Bob's catalog, this is the measurement they are talking about, i.e., from the front edge of the tank, not from the back edge.



Hope that helps.

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Thank you ever so much Neil.  I had the Part number and a picture with no measurements in the Shop Manual.  But Bob's only offers takes by size.  All 1941-1948 40-50-60-70 tanks, incl 1949 Series 40  except models 49-59 and Series 90 are the same according to my 1953 Buick Master Parts Book.  The group # is 3.000 and the Part #is 1323998.


Therefore the measurement from you 1941 Series 50 is extremely valuable to me.


Thanks Again, Earl Beauchamp, Sebring. FL

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