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How to vent window seal replacement


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i got 2 new vent window seals and would like to replace the dry ones. They are so dry they break of leaving holes where rain water can enter my door. But i have this car now for 2 weeks and have no idea how door panels are fixed. Do i even have to removed to replace the vent window seal? Hope somebody did this job before and have pics to help me. Thanks


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The inner door skin is attached around the perimeter of the door using clips.  You need to remove the window garnish molding around the window, and the door/window handles and the armrest/door pull. A thin plastic instrument around the door skin will release the clips so you can remove the door skin.  I believe the Buick manual states you can simply remove the upper clips and pull the skin back enough to get at the vent assembly, but I'd be afraid you may crease the cardboard and ruin the door skin.


Here's the vent assembly from my 1937:  I don't know the year of yours, but I'm sure there are some similarities.

(Just touch the arrow in the upper right corner)



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