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3/4 ton truck

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Hi ,i was wondered if anyone can help us,we have bought a 1926 Graham Brothers 3/4 ton truck which we are going to restore.The truck is in need of a lot of work allthough it seems mostly complete,but i have no registration papers and would like to find out a few things about the truck we are not sure about,so i found a plate with some numbers its tricky to read but as far as i can make out .E129645 ? A906506 ? 1161N ? just wondered if anyone could help us work out which is chassis no etc.

Cheers Wayne    choose files... Click to choose files iJ6W3kIiMg9E0YlR3rU7vDSYoBkZhEEv11kwK2-LXVKR-W6Ztc8C2hyYyrYDvV3RIpAFWVmZ8K0ip9bHu1w8bNvB6zLwGkzBCW7urzK6MF-AO1yc1kSWAubraALSvsmSjuKcQ5JFz66zgyfooZJfaTqRminN_V0EWRhR1Ab3adUma6u_p-UkksH3S-lZmccuNwDdbR720yIxfHPEQVQDeWFf4U-IXtpDyeWMX4puS8FieqeSE_vtca_9wDXOgiiNNt2g5Ym9aSg3tsIA445B7qCF_NUHognLNm52fnIae_EXhLQEimyMzxMbjVXuYrWHk72VQAyl7CMNmTFP-DXG09DxYPufGmRGnjnWJ4vH2L5kMdfPH8sKQwRzcVMbqY8sT2cGqW-1BDYthXayjrU8vPT940tVNqV5_f-x4n-bQxkYACkAlreI7L3jX4OAqbgbHAZDNltkW8Tg2SNtCY-nTmjAihk_Jc2P83VlYLFfGlo2c56wszeaeafVOCWEFzkcK6WcwrYkrHC5jZ-HmyQ49fPzv94Oi1hQnTLF3lR8MKYJ71SWCOFSo4apx-fg2qdggCZiE2d_2apvR24fiWU-dSkg9gk-hgiP3Izqbz2FYHFQhXAXABwG8GacZ_nofq7Lf8KnI8RmWVSfrQXt1QPX9QPBEDyxPxeoC5-1n9ofNhitk-Y5TNxCfx1opvwbAQ=w469-h625-no?authuser=0

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She looks great. Keep us up to date with its progress. Myers has a lot of parts and information. If you jump on their website you’ll see the production dates at the bottom of the catalog. 
Looks like your engine number is around May 1927. 



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