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brake adjustment on '51 Buick Super


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I have approx 200 miles on a new set of brake shoes and wanted to re-check all wheels for proper adjustment. I noticed it pulled to the right somewhat so I figured it's a good time to check especially the left front one. Tire pressure is even, alignment good.


 The shop manual says, after expanding each adjustment screw to create drag on each wheel,  to "back off adjusting screw at each wheel 15 notches." . Well, I get them free of drag at about 6 notches.


Question: Why the additional 9 notches (stars on the nut I assume) ? Wouldn't that result in unnecessary pedal travel ? Did the engineers know something I don't ? Maybe it allows for expansion under hot conditions. Just curious if anyone has an answer or what others do. Thanks guys !

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Thanks old-tank. The shoes were professional re-lined and drums turned by a reputable shop that specializes in brake and suspension systems. I'll keep it adjusted to just where no drag exists and then go for some test drives. 

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