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Replacement condenser- 31 Buick Klaxon K-18 horn


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The original Klaxon K-18 horn on my 31 Buick has a condenser inside the cover to prevent field coil point arcing.  I'm sure the condenser is deader than a doornail and the horn operates erratically even after cleaning the points and adjusting the gap, likely because they arc like crazy.   Has anyone had experience with these, know what the MFD value of the condenser might be or what to get to replace the condenser on one of these common early GM horns?












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I've done a few of those horns recently.

I used 47 μF condensors. I bought them on Amazon.

Here's a listing similar to what I bought; mine were rated 47uF/250V, these are 47uF/50V:


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