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i have an 88 reatta, and have heard that the 1990 and 1991 reattas were faster due only to the camshafts. I understand that this will probably sacrifice some high end speed, but i am willing to do so. Is it possible to just "drop" it in? or would i have to do computer work with it? and could any camshaft from a 3800 work in my car? any ideas on the faster ones for 0-60

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Mythconceptions abound.

1991 has 5 more hp but most of the "faster" is due to a 3.33 axle (others have 2.97).

Those with a "C" engine are on the limit in several areas - intake, exhaust, air cleaner,... so just popping a cam in won't do much.

Greg's is about as close as you can get to the max before some really expensive things are needed, may have to wait for spring for some performance numbers though.

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I don't know what the spec's are on the '91 cam are but it is different than the earlier ones, although I am almost certain it would bolt in. The earlier cams had three bolts on the cam sprocket and I believe the '91 uses a single bolt, but you would want a new timing set anyway. The early cams have higher lift and shorter duration than the '90, but the horsepower ratings are the same? The torque may be slightly different but I don't have the earlier manual to check. '90 rating is 210 lb/ft @ 2000. Gregs aftermarket cam sounds like just the ticket but we will have to wait to see the results.

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