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Wipers for 1935 Buick series 40


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Hi,  am looking for some guidance as to what the original wiper set up was in my 1935 Series 40 Buick. The reason for this, is someone in the past has removed the original wipers/vacuum motor etc and I want to put it back the way it was.  Any guidance as to where/what I need to purchase would be much appreciated.





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Hi John,While being stuck at home I thought I'd try to at my wipers working on my 35 40 series Buick,I have a sedan. Anyway without much luck. I removed them,took them apart and cleaned them up and lubricated everything.I found two on e-bay that were older rebuilt ones that are supposed to be for a 35 Buick but the picture looks different than the ones I have,another guy said he thought mine looked like they were for a chrysler. To my knowledge I thought they are original to the car,I bought it unrestricted in 75. Any way 35 has two both the same that work independently of each other with a regulator on the end of them that controls the speed.They are connected to a vacuum line that has a T in it by the drivers side wiper,that's how mine is anyway. A coupe of people rebuild them if the insides are not warped or pitted. Fricken and Cleansweep in Oregon. I gave up after awhile and put them back in and decided to use rain-x. Anyway good luck,let me know how you make out and post a picture of your car. I'll send you pictures of my wiper motors( I think they're original) and my car. Stay well,Greg.




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