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65 jetstar 88


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Since the jetstar is hot topic this month, any one have a source for a rear Bumper for the 88 model. I have a '65 that I am getting ready for a driver. Have had it a while 330 auto runs good just been sitting so bumper has rotted, surprisingly frame is still good! In order to pass inspection will need bumper.

not ready to buy yet but just looking for source.


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These "boltless bumpers" are the bane of any 62-70 big Olds owner- for some reason Olds and other GM were obsessed with hiding all the attaching parts they could. To clean up the bumpers Olds began welding brackets to the backsides and then used those to attach the bar to the car frame. Looked good, nice smooth custom touch, but the welded brackets didn't have a very good drainage system and trapped dirt and water between them and the bar. Result- the bumpers rusted out around the brackets from the backside.

And now, 40 years later, good core bumpers are scarce and expensive. The good news is a bumper from any 1965 88 series will fit your car. Try some of the western sheetmetal suppliers- doubt you'll ever find a good one on the East Coast.

Be glad you don't have a Starfire. Those cores regularly go for $500-700 and I've seen an NOS sell for over $1500 <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif" alt="" /> .

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I have a ratty Starfire "core" that needs restoring. I used quotes around the word "core" because its so rusted/rotted in the areas RocketRaider mentioned that its nearly in threee pieces. And it does not have the bolt-on "caps" that go behind the taillights. DesertDog said they could fix it, and I was tempted to spend the 350 bucks or so merely to turn it around, but don't feel like risking the investment. $100 to anyone who might want the thing. Hmmm....I also have a decent front bumper for a 65 fullsize Olds...just a little "tweaked" on the bottom, slightly bowed arolund the parking light assemblies (not so bad that they don't mount up). This piece does not have the under-hradlight "caps". $50 for anyone who might want it. Chrome is actually pretty decent. Both prices are "plus shipping" of course. scottfettner@hotmail.com

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