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Help IDing Motorcycle 4


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A  classic post-war 45 ci. in. Flathead  Harley  bobber, most likely made out of a WWII surplus bike.  The carburettor is on the right side for the Harley 45, as  is the  L.H. shifter, although i'm suprised it wasnt converted to a "jockey" shift that was directly attached to the transmission, eliminating all that linkage (and the shifter gate!, Imagine feeling around below and behind you at speed to change gears, and not always knowing WHICH gear you will be in when you let your foot off the clutch!). Indians typically shifted from the right side of the tank(s). The front forks and springer suspension are also typical H.D.


Here's a stock Harley Davidson 45 and a "Bobber" made from one that is similar to the OP's bike, right down to the "Sparto"-style tailight!



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