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Pierce Arrow emblems, ID help please


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Recent posts about radiator emblem collections caused me to dig my old emblems out of boxes, and start displaying them again. My sweet sister-in-law, who is quarantined with us, has been applying polish, and I've been fitting them in picture frames, shadow boxes, and display cases. 


I have three Pierce Arrow emblems, and I'm hopeful that Edinmass or other experts might be kind enough to tell me more about them (these photos were taken just before dear Frannie shined these three up a bit).


First is a photo of the three pieces. I THINK the large one must have been cut out of a hubcap or something (My mother used to use damaged badges and/or hubcap centers to make molds for ceramic ash trays that she made for our AACA chapter). The little red oval one appears to be an original new-old-stock unit, which has seen a bit of corrosion from sitting in the bottom of a damp box, and the little black one is distorted and damaged. But it's shape is interesting, and I wonder where/how it was displayed on a Pierce. 


Any input will be appreciated! 😁

Pierce Arrow 3 badges.jpg


Pierce Arrow lil black badge cropped 3.jpg

Pierce Arrow lil  black badge cropped 2.jpg

Pierce Arrow emblem cut out.jpg

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The two small ones are for the center of the dash on a Pierce 8, from the 30’s. Poor condition means little value. Last one looks like a cut up hubcap from 32-38, and no value. Ed

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Thanks, Ed. I didn't expect any value on the cut-up hubcap or the damaged black one. The red emblem actually cleaned up pretty nicely. I suppose it doesn't matter if there is any value to it. It looks really great in my collection, and will remain there. 


Thanks again for the response! 



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