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Cluch removal


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Clutch and throwout bearing removal has been well covered in the Club's website Q&A. And while the example is side draft engine, it's all applicable to Series 10 through 13. I even posted a bunch of pictures of how, and what tools needed, and how not to get hit by the big coil spring hiding inside the pressure plate.


Plus there's additional info in  the Q&A about replacing the throwout bearing with Club member Reeve Enterprise's solution, now that there are no more NOS throwout bearings available.



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The "search" function on the Club's website sometimes doesn't search right. I've found lots of drawings using the drawing number  when those drawings don't show up using the  correct drawing title subject as a search item.


In the Q&A section, ignore the search feature. Look over on the right and scroll down to the bottom of the year listing and use the index that Tim Miller put so many years of his life into creating (which rightly, used to be the top item of the Q&A).  Then scroll down the fourth column to the letter C section where it says "clutch". In there it lists a lot of posts about  the clutch, including mine about what your question pertains to.



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