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1932 Dodge gas feed?

Torry Johnson

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30 minutes ago, Torry Johnson said:

Anybody out there that knows what the device looks like from the bottom of the gas peddle to the gas linkage on a 1932 Dodge DL - 6?


Are you referring to the starter pedal/gas feed bracket that mounts on the rear of the engine?


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If you are speaking of the accelerator linkage - gas pedal to carburetor- I have detailed photos of that.  I would need to know what type carburetor you are using.  The first linkage is attached to the body and pivots when the gas pedal is depressed.  This, in turn, pushes a rod attached to the carb forward, opening the throttle butterfly to accelerate.  A spring attached to the rod pulls the rod back when you let off the accelerator.  If this is what you’re talking about, let me know and I’ll post pictures.  Let us see some pictures of your car - 32s are somewhat rare.

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