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  1. I realize this is an old post but I'll try any way. I need one of these. Do let me know if you have one left. Kind Regards, torryjohnson32@hotmail.com
  2. Richard your top frame looks great. I've been out of the loop and feeling bad that I did not let you know House of Tops, Frank in Portland OR has complete top wood for a 1932 Dodge DL. I gave him my old wood and he made me a deal on a new frame. Sorry for the late info! Getting the final caulking bead to lay down is yet to be done on my top. Not sure what to use?? My final seam is about a C-. Any ideas out there will be appreciated. Just had the some chrome done. The chrome shop broke the piece on top of the firewall that looks like an extension of the hood hinge. Paid more for a 32 glass taillight lens than I paid for the car. What's wrong with this picture?? I have been looking for the tail light lens for 57 years. I'd like to find another if there is one out there?? Can't wait 57 years however! Keep up the good work! Regards.
  3. ply33, I don't think we have communicated before? I just redid the top on my 32 Dodge and had more than a few dilemmas. Turned out a B+ but still need to do some final dressing on the seal between fabric and metal. We used one piece of chicken wire and did attach wire for radio. Nice looking 33! I drove a 32 Plymouth in college. It had a four cylinder and seemed to have plenty of power. My 32 Dodge is about 87.347% and I'm doing a B+ job to date. From watching taylormade he's doing an A+ job. Good detail! Until Later,
  4. Taylormade, I have a set of front seat rails if needed. Torry
  5. Anybody out there know the best place to get front brake lines for a 32 DL-6? I'm new to this forum and don't do too well with it yet! Torry
  6. Taylormade, Any DL-6 parts you might need? I have access to a few. Torry I sent Phil a note with my email ask him to send it your way??
  7. Taylormade, I took a bunch of pictures of my car yesterday. I will make an attempt to put them on this forum?? Unable to figure it out for now. Will try later. If I had your email I know I could send them but this forum is too much for me??? What ever you do don't get old cause this computer stuff gets difficult?? This is an old picture.
  8. Taylormade, Nice job! If this a recent picture we are at about the same stage. Here again I see you doing an A+ job. I'm trying for a B+. Just placed the top on my 32 Dodge, need to secure it to the body. How is the wood in your top? House of Tops out of Portland Oregon, has patterns for a 1932 Dodge top. I gave him mine and he made me a good deal. He did a good job with the reproduction. I do have a couple of suggestions for him however. Thanks for the update! Until Later Torry Hope this comes through??
  9. Taylormade, 7/1/20 Wow and thanks for sharing. I think I communicated with Phil quite some time ago? I may have send him a picture of my DL6? He shared that some folks put the bumpers on wrong. I may have to get back to him when I get to the bumpers on my Dodge. Way interesting story. What is your progress to date and how long ago was your story written? I took my 32 DL-6 apart 40 years ago and have started to put her back together. I can not recommend waiting 40 years ta put a car back together! We moved 300 miles in the mean time and the parts kinda got mixed up. I did have a parts car which is still available as needed. It's new job is a piece of yard art. Being the old guy I am I have trouble doing this Forum stuff??? I will be most surprised if this note ever gets to you. I'd be more than interested in seeing your progress. I might be able to send pictures of my project if I get smarter. Not many of the old DL-6s around. Torry Johnson torryjohnson32@hotmail.com
  10. There is nothing like this on my 1932 Dodge. Torry Johnson
  11. No, this is not a 32 Dodge DL-6 taillight stand. I have two on them and they are longer. Torry
  12. Anybody out there that knows what the device looks like from the bottom of the gas peddle to the gas linkage on a 1932 Dodge DL - 6? Torry
  13. I have one of these. In the process of getting it back together after 40 years. Have access to a parts car. Any wire wheel hubcaps out there? call and leave a message 360-378-7166 or respond to this???
  14. I have two of these one original and a reproduction. The reproduction cost $250 about 30 years ago. I paid $12.50 for the original. Original is probably worth $450??? TJ32DL
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