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Air Cleaner for 1958 383 2x4 setup

John Lau

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We have a 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix that the original 20-year-old owner bought for racing. The car came from the factory with a 318 and a three speed.  The week that the car was delivered, his racing buddy (who was also the salesman) put a special Police Package 383 with a four-barrel carb in it.  The engine was not available to the public, but the dealership had one in the garage. The same week, a Chevy 4-speed trans was put in (it had the same bolt pattern as the Dodge).  We have the original instructions from a speed shop that included the parts needed for the trans swap. We have black and white photos of the car at the track, and photos of the speedometer buried at 120 mph.  This was originally a Pennsylvania car, and back in the day, it apparently was well-known for racing. At some point, the original intake was swapped for a 2x4 setup.  The intake number is 1827899-1, and the date code is A 19 8 (January 19th, 1958).  There are two correct Carter carbs on it. When we got the car, it came with two little chrome air cleaners on it.  We are looking for an oblong one to put on it.  Did the Mopar have an oblong air cleaner for that intake and carb setup?  The aftermarket ones that we have seen have only one hole in the middle of the air cleaner, or the measurement between the two holes is not the same as our setup.  Everything that we see is Edelbrock, and those air cleaners are for Edelbrock intakes.  We cannot find a Mopar air cleaner for our setup.  Do they exist?  Thanks for any info. 

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