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Anyone know what this is?


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My son in-law found this while digging on the job at O'Hare airport in Chicago.  He picks up old trinkets he finds underground often. This plate is about 3 inches long.  It seems to be stamped with an image of an old car (right sided steering?), and the name Studebaker. You may need to zoom in. The middle pic is the back.  We are interested to know what it is and where it could have come from.   

Thank you!!




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Wow! Incredible! Thank you for the info.  The person most excited is my 6 year old grandson, we were trying to figure out the mystery...   He loves old stuff and is a car guy, like his dad. Therefore he does not want to sell it (assuming it's not worth that much). I am attaching a picture of it cleaned up. Once again, thank you!



car 3.jpg

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