65 Riv - isolating heating / AC vacuum system

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Hi all


my heat/air system has never worked properly, but that’s ok - I can live without either...not a priority ...


BUT what I have done is break off the vacuum nipple at the heat door I now def have a vacuum leak..and possibly others hence system not working.


As I’m in no rush to repair everything , but want to avoid performance issues no matter how small or inaudible to untrained ear, how about plugging the ‘main’ vacuum hose from the T at back of carb...therefore isolating the whole heat/AC system ?


is that feasible or would it create unforeseen problems?


Thanks in advance 




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Mine was plugged just like that when I got the car and didnt appear to cause issues.  I'm just now completing a full rebuild and replacement of the heat and ac system so will be hooking it back up soon. 

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