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1920's hood ID needed

viv w

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Hi All,

 Need to identify this 1920's hood. It is 26,75in long along centre hinge, it is 36,5 in from centre hinge to botton of side curtain at the cowl and 29in long from centre hinge to bottom of the side curtain at the radiator. It has 4 alloy studs in the top panels. Anyone know what this is for ? Thanks regards Viv.IMG_2649.thumb.JPG.fae3e92848a125b3ea2c5cf42711d193.JPGIMG_2651.thumb.JPG.580722f342628db5a729c2700052bfc1.JPG

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Hi Lief,

Thanks for your input. Too small for Willy's Knight and missing the "humpy" bit on the top panels to follow the radiator contour. However, you did make me research Knight images and this one of a 1929 Willy's Overland Whippet 4 came up. There was also a picture of an identical Hood for sale, stating 1929 Willy's Overland 4 Hood for sale.

 So mystery solved, thank you. Now to find someone who needs it.


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