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Mystery transmission / overdrive

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I have a '35 Airstream c-6 Convertible coupe


It has a later model transmission (we think its a '39)




side case numbers on transmission







and a manual overdrive unit





OD unit




side case numbers on OD unit




top case numbers on OD unit



We would appreciate it if anyone has any insight into these units - particularly if you have any spare parts or experience working on them.


We believe we have figured out how the OD unit works - but have no information on adjusting it before installation


Thanks in advance


Bill Stanley





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10 hours ago, bluecollarbill said:



I like that idea - not sure what color it would be ?  Body color ?  Red ?

Red with the green might be a little too much like Christmas. What would you think of something in the yellow (not too bright) to honey-beige spectrum? On second thought, Maybe a set of beauty rings would be better.



Jumbo 1936 Plymouth Coupe (CC-1249826) for sale in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Beauty rings:


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16 hours ago, bluecollarbill said:

I like the idea of something in the yellow spectrum - and I may have a set of beauty rings I could try too.


I like the look of them on that Dodge - that looks like a '37 hub cap - I have a '37 Business Coupe

While I think that more Plymouths probably came with just the stripe, I think that the more expensive Mopars probably would have been seen with beauty rings. Be careful when you experiment with the rings, they could scratch up your pretty rims pretty easily when you go to remove them.

Jim Sheehan


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