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Straight 8 engine manual


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Packard published shop manuals for most all models but in my opinion the first Packard published manual covering inline 8s that went into rebuilding procedures with any detail did not happen until after the war.   If you want a hard copy, reprints of the  1946-50 service manual are available at the PAC online store or from several ebay vendors.  That manual has an engine section which covers the 245 six,  282 eight, and 356 custom eight engines.  Most procedures mentioned are similar between engines but when there are differences the 282 is referred to as the Clipper 8 engine in the manual.  The later 51-54 manual covers the 288/327 blocks used on engines from 48 on which replaced the 282.  The blocks are a bit different from the older block but the basic procedures carried over so might be worth checking out.


If you can get by with a downloaded copy go to www.packardinfo.com and when the page opens, select Service, Shop and Training manuals.  Item 29 is the 46-50 service manual and when you click to open that selection a page will open showing the individual manual sections.  Section V -- engines -- can be downloaded by itself since you don't need the entire manual.  The 51-4 manual engine section is also available for download.

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