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26 S-11


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You have to start down at the steering box.

1. Disconnect the horn wire.

2. Unfasten the hand throttle lever and friction clamp parts off the end of the hand throttle shaft .

3. Pull the hand throttle shaft out of the column. For enclosed cars, you might need to loosen the column/dash board clamp to angle the column down so that the throttle shaft does not hit the head liner.

4. Unfasten the steering wheel nut.

5. Put a wooden block against the underside of the steering wheel hub and try gently  tapping it with a hammer. If the wheel has not been off in a long time it may be very tough to break it free. You might need to find, or make, a steering wheel puller like Franklin used, that grabs under the steering hub and presses against the steering wheel shaft. See page 2402 of the Ser 11 parts book - tool #10246, drawing #27500. If you use a puller, leave the steering shaft nut on the very top of the shaft threads to support and protect them.

6. The shaft has half moon keys set into it. Don't lose them.   



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