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1969 GTO Trim tag

Tom M

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I just purchased a 1969 GTO. The color of the body I believe is the Verdoro Green Midnight Green but the trim tag reads PNT 52   B

Wonder if some one here can verify that code for me?


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52 was Matador Red


Good reference for paint codes: http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?year=1969&manuf=GM&model=GTO


If you want to know exactly how the car was originally equiiped, you can order a document package from Pontiac Historic Services (PHS).



Great car!

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20191129_125835.thumb.jpg.f945d46373d059c4f4319b5ccc5b9477.jpgThanks for info and links.

Will look into ordering the info packet from PHS.


I had looked the car over when I got it to my nephews and seen no signs of red anywhere. The drivers door jam still has a service sticker with no traces of red around it.

Wonder if the tag was changed at some point?


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Here's a good (old, but good) reference site for GTO information:



LOTS of Pontiac & GTO knowledge here: 





Your cowl data plate indicates:

24237 = 1969 GTO coupe

23044 = Body number (from Fisher Body plant)

FR = Assembled at Framingham, MA

10D = 4th week of October build date (October, 1968)

258 = Black vinyl interior trim

PNT  52 B = Matador Red body (52) with black vinyl top (B)


Have fun!

I've had several GTO's over the years; I really like those cars.




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Thanks for breaking down the trim tag for me I really do appreciate it.


Looks like some good winter reading for me from the links you posted. 👍

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Thanks gents,


I did order the PHS report and received it a few weeks back. According to the report the GTO original color was the Matador Red, Black vinyl top with black interior.


Can't wait until spring to get out to tune it up and drive it.


Thanks for the additional info. I really appreciate it. 😎

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