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Need Turbo Charge Oil Supply Tube


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5 hours ago, TurboTide said:

Looking for metal Turbo Charge Oil Supply Tube for 1990 16v, mfg date 11/1989.  Chrysler parts catalog lists it as Part #4425668.  Any help is appreciated.

This oil feed line should be rather easy to reproduce from commonly available tubing available at any good industrial auto/truck parts supplier. Making the several loops in the line is easy enough to reproduce by using a pipe the same diameter as the inside diameter of the loops and wrapping the line around the pipe a couple of times.

It may be that you can find it here though or from 'marty mopar'

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Thanks Hemi and Marty for your response.  Removed the line and upon more detailed inspection, the aging short rubber hose was the Bad Actor.  Replaced it and the turbo cooler return line hose as well.  Hemi addressed this issue in the Sept 1996 TCA newsletter.  Good to have the archives as a great resource and this board as well.

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